Why us

We are an ideal parter for your spining bobbins and spinning machines spare parts.

7 reasons why Rimzer

Products Range

We offer the most complete range of products in the field of spinning machines spare parts, such as roving bobbins, ring bobbins, dyeing tubes, cone bobbins,cylinderical bobbins and thread spools.


The basis of our business strategy is to offer you wide range of products at competitive prices.


Our products are compliant with ISO9001 and Textile Industry standards..

Delivery time

We have strong produce capacity for your order to ensure your delivery time on request.

Goods transport

On request, we are able to arrange right transport of goods by our transport partners.


We are always ready to answer your questions and look for optimal solutions. It is possible to communicate with us through telephone, fax or e-mail.

Customized & Job production

Basic on R&D capacity, we are able to supply products according to your specification as a job production.