Spare Parts for Spinning Machinery

Spare parts of cards, combers, draws and roving frames. Like,
Sliver Cans, Rubber Rollers,  Rubber Cots, Rubber Aprons, Compacting Mesh Aprons, Peg Trays, Spinning Belts, Wax, 
Bobbin Hangers, Bobbins Trays, False Twisters, Yarn Seperators, Spindle Brake, Bobbin Grippers, Ceramics.

There are some models for reference.

  • Rieter roving frames F4/1 and F35.
  • Zinser roving frames 670.
  • Toyota combers roving frames, FL-16, FL-100, FL-200.
  • Trutzschler cards TC03, draws HSR 1000 and TD03.
  • Rieter ring frames G5/1, K44, Air Jet spinning J20, Open-end R-20, R-40 and R-60.
  • Zinser ring frames 321 E, RM350 and 351.
  • Toyota ring frames RX-200, RX-240 and RX-300.
  • Schlafhorst Autoconer/Autocoro 138, 238, 288, 338 and 480,Open-end SE 8 - SE 12. 
  • Murata autocone 21C, 7V, Vortex MVS870, twisters 373 and 3C1.
  • Savio winders RAS-15, Espero M, L, R, and Orion.
  • Jingwei ring frame FA-502, FA-506 and FA-1520.
We also supply the silver cans for carding and drawing. The dimension from 250*700mm to 1500*1800mm, and the wall thickness from 2.0mm to 5.0mm.

Galvanized steel bottom plate, Pantograph and wire s
prings for different cans.