Paper Cones

Paper Cones

5°57, 4°20 and 3°30.

Length: 150-230mm, weight: 25-80g.

Reliable quality. no bubble or wrinkle, no crazing or degumming.

Customized color, pattern and logo are available.

These cones perform good for winder or Open-end. 


Schlafhorst Autoconer/Autocoro 138, 238, 288, 338 and 480, Open-end SE 8 - SE 12. 

Murata autocone 21C, 7V, Vortex MVS870.

Savio winders RAS-15, Espero M, L, R, and Orion.

Ingolstadt Open-end NE 0, NE 2 and RU-14.