Cone Bobbins

  • There are 1° 30', 3° 30', 4° 20', 5° 57', 9° 15' cones for choice.
  • Lengths from 170mm to 290mm, diameters from 20mm to 75mm.

  • The single-use cones are at the same cost level to paper cones, but much more reliable.

  • The multi-use cones can work 20-30 times for synthetic yarns, and several years for cotton yarns.

  • Applicable machines: Schlafhorst, Murata, Savio, SSM, Elitex, Cognetex, Ingolstadt and other winding, twisting machines.


    Cylinderical Bobbins

    • Widely use for cotton, wool, synthetics fiber, fiber glass, elastic tape and blended yarns.
    • Bull Nose and Cut Nose.

    • POY, DTY and FDY are available.

    • Different surface to hold yarn during production.

    • Lengths from 100mm to 290mm, Diameters from 10mm to 120mm. Certainly, 170mm are always the most popular ones.

    • Applicable machines: Schlafhorst, Murata, Savio, Volkmann, Rieter, RPR, Hamel and other twisters, TFO, tape and fiber machines.